Our Specialty: a complete edited video for $499.95
There is a gulf between sending your salesperson out with an iPhone and shooting a video for nothing, and spending big bucks to create an impressive Hollywood-style production. That's an uncharted territory we enjoy exploring with our $500 video package. You get a complete video for half a grand, shot and edited
and ready to help you communicate more effectively.   
What do you get for $500?  View three examples below, plus an explainer
on how to get the most for your money.
If you'd rather get the details firsthand? Call us at 262-788-0036, and we'll go through all the particulars.

One Minute of Product Beauty
By limiting this brief video to shots of the customer's machine, we were able to spend extra time
to make it look attractive and add some nice explanatory graphics.
A basic stand-up presentation.
A spokesperson for a nonprofit organization wanted to create a promo video for social media. We edited multiple takes of his spiel down to a best-of compilation, adding a quick logo treatment plus added text and images.
Quickie facilities tour
Travel with us through an ice cream plant that's on the market, guided by the plant manager
and augmented by text and a touch of drone footage for extra eye appeal.

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